Currency in Switzerland

Switzerland’s official currency is the Swiss Franc (abbreviations CHF, sFr, Fr.), and is divided into 100 Rappen [Rp] / Centimes [cts], but the smallest coin in use is 5 Rp. It is recommended to have a small amount of cash (50 CHF) on hand upon arrival in Switzerland or to change at the aiport / railway station for immediate expenses (taxi, city transportation etc.).

Under Swiss laws, tourists may import and export any reasonable amount of Swiss or foreign currency to and from Switzerland in cash or traveller cheques. Please note that other countries do have severe restrictions and check with the regulations applicable in your country of origin and in countries you may visit in transit.

The exchange rates of Swiss Francs against other European currencies have been stable almost for decades: The Euro at a rate of 1 CHF = approx.0.9 € (Euro) and the British Pound at a rate of 1 CHF = approx. 0.6 to 0.7 £ within roughly 15%. $

The current weakness of the Euro following the financial crisis and the “strength” of the Swiss Franc do not reflect basic economic facts and are therefore both speculative and unlikely to last for a longer period. Meanwhile the US Dollar has been oscillating between rates as different as 1 CHF = approx. 1.05 $ and 1 CHF = 0.95 $ within one decade. Over the last 40 years, the US $ has dropped from 5 CHF to 1 CHF.